Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Security Guard Week (pt.2)

A special post today - bringing the premiere of the remix that Stephen of the Funsize Lions has done of our song Security Guard.  

I hope you like what he's done.  

He's taken that 1978 sound and transported it to -- 1979! after a Cabs/Normal fashion.  

Here are original and remix for thy lugholes:

AND - Funsize Lions will be one of the bands on the bill at OUR GIG on 23 April, two weeks from today.  

It's going to be top of the tree and you should come along!

Part 3 will follow on Friday on some platform or other.

Monday, 7 April 2014

First 'n' more

There have been more firsts - 

We've announced that 23rd April will be our first gig for nine years!  

We've had our first national radio play (on 2 April, Gideon Coe, Radio 6)! 

And this week is declared Security Guard week.  Listen to the first version of the week (the original) now: