Thursday, 8 May 2014

Playing out

It's been an aeon in internet time, but 15 days ago we played a show with Funsize Lions and Avenging Force.  Here are some stills from the night:

Funsize Lions

(Stephen, Angela, Rachel. pic:David Hill)

Avenging Force

(Adam, Graeme, Dan. pic:Andrew Upshall)
(pic:Andrew Upshall)

The Mor Paranoids

(Talya, Dom. pic:Mike Winship)
(Gareth. pic:Mike Winship)
 (Robert. pic:Andrew Upshall)

(All four. pic:David Hill)

And it was all good.  No sounds recorded unfortunately.  I'm not going to write about the music because that would involve reviewing myself, and that's not allowed.

Thanks to the snappers; look them up.

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